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Three fuss-free, easy cake recipes
I’m a very confident cook, but the prospect of baking a cake can strike terror in my heart. When you cook, you are constantly tasting, stirring, poking, prodding. But baking requires blind faith: You follow the directions, put your cake in the oven and hope for the best. If your cake doesn’t rise, if it refuses to come out of the pan … you’re out of luck. Makes 12 servings Makes 12 servings …
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Slide on down for some easy, tasty recipes
You know what friends are for? Sharing, whether it’s good times, good news, good ideas or good recipes. Three buds of mine each recently passed an especially quick and easy dish.
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D.I.Y. pantry staples easy as P.I.E. — share yours?
Whoa. Nice food-page cover-spread this morning in the New York Times: a “D.I.Y. Cooking Handbook” courtesy of food writer Julia Moskin. Julia’s right: it doesn’t take molecular gastronomy — nor fancy kitchen equipment — to produce the easy-to-make staples in her aptly named “starter-kit”: a kit that includes more than a dozen recipes, from cultured butter to chocolate-hazenut paste to kimchi.
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